Free Game Alert! King’s Quest Chapter 1 Free On Steam

Free games! Well, a small part of it, actually. King’s Quest was a series of point-and-click adventure games made by Sierra that went toe-to-toe with LucasArts. Recently, the Sierra brand was re-established by Activision and a reboot of King’s Quest is made. And it still is.

This adventure game reboot takes the Telltale approach to adventure games, with choices and direct controls rather than literal point-and-click, and its episodic release is sparse and yet to finish. The first part was released on July 28th 2015, and recently the 3rd part of a 6-part game released last month.

Long development times aside, the game’s first chapter is pretty good for what it is. As someone who missed out on the series (played only LucasArts and Humongous Games’ adventure games as a kid), after playing the first chapter when it was free on Playstation Plus months back it’s easy to jump on in and be captivated by its witty writing. Props to The Odd Gentlemen, the new developers at hand on rebooting the series.

The first chapter is now available for free on Steam. Just select play game and it will add the game to your library, no strings attached.

Each subsequent chapters are priced RM38 a piece, with the season pass costing at RM95. We probably won’t recommend paying for those just yet as we cannot vouch for its quality and when will it be released.

But for the price of nothing at all, give Chapter 1 a try and let us know if you love it or not in the comments below.

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