Forza Horizon 5’s EventLab 2.0 Brings Big Improvements To Making Custom Events

Ahead of this week’s Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist series change is a major update hitting the open-world racing game. The update targets a very particular part of the game, the custom event creations community that utilises EventLab.

EventLab gets a massive overhaul, big enough to be dubbed EventLab 2.0. Here’s the run-down of the new features that makes creating custom maps and events easier and more intuitive:

  • New multi-selection mode.
    • Pick multiple items individually, or grab a selection of items within a sphere
    • Move, rotate, duplicate, delete multiple items together
  • Prefabs
    • Save a group of props together as a prefab (like in recent park management games)
    • Prefabs can be shared at the Creative Hub (like liveries), with share codes and in-game credits payout available
  • Custom Flyers
    • Use photo mode to highlight your creation better with custom flyer (the thumbnail for races)
  • EventLab Island
    • Complete blank slate island of 2km x 2km size
    • Bigger budgets for props, go ham with new creations
  • New props
    • Includes parts to make a petrol station, primitive shapes
    • Select existing props now snap together
    • Change checkpoint markers styles, including flares
  • Adjust time-of-day during editing

Even if you never messed around with EventLab, this should still benefit you. Developers Playground Games has been featuring EventLab events every week as part of the Festival Playlist, and you should see a dramatic increase of creativity once the community get their hands on the improved tools.

EventLab 2.0 is arriving as part of a game update going live on September 12, this Tuesday. The update will also bring three body kits and a new brand of rims (Vorsteiner).

The next Festival Playlist series, conveniently themed as Horizon Creatives, will go live on September 14, the usual Thursday start of each 4-week series.

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