Forza Horizon 4 Series 28 Now Live, Adds New Honking Pickup Trucks

Forza Horizon 4 enters Series 28 of seasonal content, and with comes three new cars and one big new feature.

The theme this time for the cars are big trucks. And one SUV. The star of it is the Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6. This is based on the Ford Raptor truck, but with the Hennessey treatment. The Velociraptor has 600hp and another pair of wheels at the back, making it a 6×6 truck. Not the first one included in Forza Horizon 4, if you can believe it. Get the Velociraptor by completing the “Into The Wilderness” Seasonal Championship.

Next is the GMC Syclone pickup and GMC Typhoon SUV. The former is a compact high performance truck and the latter is an SUV variant od the same platform. The Syclone unlocks when you finish 50% of the summer playlist- currently going on right now. The Typhoon will unlock when you completed 50% of the winter playlist.

The new feature added to Series 28 is Horizon Backstage. By completing challenges like reaching a percentage milestone in your seasonal playlist, you can get backstage passes to unlock rare cars. So this is a new way to unlock cars that only unlocks in seasonal playlists outside of the auction house. Every month, there will more cars added to the Horizon Backstage.

Source: Forza

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