Forspoken Out Now, Demo Now Available On PC

Forspoken, the open world game by publisher Square Enix and developer Luminous Productions, is out now on PS5 and PC.

But for those on PC, there’s another good news. The previously PS5-exclusive demo is now available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and even on Microsoft Store.

Forspoken follows the adventure of New Yorker Frey Holland getting isekai’d into the magical world of Athia. She’s now bonded with a talking cuff and has magical powers to fend off a corruption that’s plaguing the world.

The game has been getting mixed reception at the moment, from both critics and from fans. But at least if you’re on PC, you can now try out the demo and see not only if the game is to your liking, but if your setup can handle it, given that most big game releases of 2023 have significantly bumped the minimum requirement specs.

Forspoken is out now on PS5 and PC. We will have our review of Forspoken coming soon, so watch this space.

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