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Floor Kids Is A Stylish Free-Flow Breakdancing Rhythm Game, Out Now On PC

First released on Switch


There’s plenty of rhythm games out there, but how many lets you tap your own moves on the beat and has a rather cute but striking art style? That’s Floor Kids, a new breakdancing rhythm game by MERJ Media.

The game first debuted on the Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase at PAX West 2017 and was out on the Switch last year. Now it is also available on PC via Steam.

Floor Kids offers a free-flow breakdancing experience where you can mix and match moves as long as you are with the rhythm. You can pull off toprock, downrock, power, freeze and combo moves at your own whims, or if the crowd asks you for extra points. Along the way, you will unlock other bboys and bgirls to play as, each with their own stats.

Floor Kids is available on Steam right for only RM8.40 as a promotional release price. It will rise back to its original price of RM9.90, which is still rather cheap, after May 24th.