Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Have New Side Quests

Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t just remaking the original 1997 JRPG’s Midgar arc, but it will flesh it out with new content. Square Enix has revealed that two new side quests systems will be added to the upcoming remake release.

Mercenary quests are side quests where Cloud goes to help various folks in Midgar. With rewards for completing it, of course. It could be your usual “take down X creature” to more interesting ones like… finding a cat.

The other side quest system is group under the Battle Report banner. These side quests see Cloud helping out a 15-year-old Shinra research intern, Chadley. Tasks include scanning enemies using the Assess materia (read: Scan materia) or staggering them multiple times. Completing Battle Reports will unlock new materia, which means more customisation for your party in terms of skills, abilities and passives.

The new screenshots highlighted that these quests are available in the Sector 7 Slums.

It sounds nifty, but judging from the screenshots here don’t expect bombastic new narratives being weaved in these new side quests. But it is new content that will make you engage more in the new action-oriented combat system.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be out on April 10th for the PS4. We had some hands-on impressions of an early build of the game, which you can find here.


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