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Final Fantasy VII Remake Details Reveal Brand-New Gameplay Mechanics, Like Weapon Upgrades


Square Enix has trickled out a few new details about how the gameplay parts of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be. Unlike the original, the remake will play like an action JRPG, ala Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts. While core mechanics like the materia system and limit breaks remain, there are few new ones that you might not expect.

For one, weapons can be upgraded. Cloud’s Buster Sword can be upgraded with an extra materia slot, or other stat boosts. The upgrade screen is a bit of a mess, but reminiscent of Final Fantasy XIII’s Crystarium system.

Not only that, but each weapon has an attached unique ability that becomes available should you equip it. Building proficiency with the weapon will allow the character to inherently learn the ability. Like Final Fantasy IX’s weapon skills. The weapon screen here shows Cloud can get Power Thrust with the Buster Sword.

Speaking of Cloud, the remake will have character-specific abilities not seen in the original. Cloud has access to two stances- the default Operator mode ( a balance of offence and defence) and Punisher mode, where he sacrifices defence for harder-hitting attacks.

New screenshots also reveal two new abilities for Cloud. Triple Slash is three consecutive attacks that increases in power if it hits multiple enemies. The other is Blade Burst, a ranged attack that releases magical energy from the sword. The two sort-of looks like Cross-Slash and Blade Beam, Cloud’s Limit Breaks from the original. There is a Classic mode option, where characters attack and move automatically, letting you just focus on lining up commands to mimic how the original game played.

Alongside the new stagger system and how you control one specific character at one time, combat will definitely feel different in Final Fantasy VII Remake. And the way you spec out your characters will also get some changes too.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set for release on March 3rd, 2020 for the PS4. The remake will not cover the whole game, the focus is on the Midgar portion with more fleshed out features, with the second part already in the works.

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