Fight Of Animals Coming To Nintendo Switch This Week

Meme animal fighter Fight Of Animals now has a release date for its Switch release. After its PC launch late last year, Digital Crafter is bringing its latest fighting game, now with less controversy, to another platform.

For the uninitiated, Fight Of Animals is a fighting game where all the roster is based on pictures of funny animals that had become memes. If you’ve been following social media, especially the trends seen in Japan and Asia, you might recognise some of these, like Power Hook Doge, Magical Squirrel, and Long Cat.

Content-wise, the Switch version should be up to par with PC- which the developer has been adding free characters over these months. However, the latest addition, Egg-Dog, will arrive on Switch a little bit later, but shortly after launch.

You can pre-order Fight Of Animals on the Nintendo e-Shop right now (US, EU) which will get you a 10% discount. Fight Of Animals will be out on April 9th on Switch.

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