Fast RMX Has 15 Vehicles, 30 Tracks, 47 Songs, And A 900MB Filesize

Games are now so bloated in size nowadays it’s not shocking to see one being more than 30GB anymore. But the developers Shin’en has a good track record of making small footprints for their Fast racing series, and Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch is no exception.

As mentioned in the title, it has tons of content for a futuristic racing game. And if you’re still not amazed by this due to the fact it’s an indie game, here’s a trailer of the game in action, in blistering 60fps.

It’s slick and polished. That means the small size is not about the quality of the assets, but their method of compression. Here’s an excerpt from Shi’nen (via Nintendo Life):

As always we used all tricks to keep the file size super small without sacrificing any quality.
The file size of FAST RMX will therefore only be ~900 Megabytes! So anyone can download it really ‘FAST’ to their internal memory.

Despite the small size the game is full packed of content, with an overview below:

– 10 Cups
– 15 Vehicles
– 30 Individual tracks
– 47 Audio Tracks

Aside from that, Fast RMX will feature up to four-player splitscreen and online and local multiplayer up to 8 players, all in 60fps.

The small file size should bode well to Switch owners, as the system’s internal memory is not that much to begin with. Being a download-only launch title, Fast RMX should be in the radar to all Switch early adopters.

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