Farthest Frontier Unveils Roadmap To 1.0 With Outlines Of Upcoming Updates

Crate Entertainment’s survival city-builder Farthest Frontier is on its way out of Early Access, as the developers have now provided a roadmap of what’s coming as the game readies for a 1.0 release.

The updates mostly focuses on performance improvements and quality of life additions, though there are a few new features, including the ability to win the game by completing victory conditions.

Here’s the outline of all the updates coming before Farthest Frontier hits 1.0.

  • v0.9.3: Expect significantly improved performance in the game’s first (but not last) optimization update!
    • Major optimization improvements, with internal tests showing up to 100% improved framerates in settlements with over 2,000 villagers 
    • Rebalanced the pace of the game for a more relaxed experience at 1x speed.
    • Increased desirability and entertainment radius for more flexible town planning
    • New combat controls, including easier military company selection, improved archer AI, and a new Retreat to Garrison button.
  • v0.9.4: Reach new heights in the tier 5 housing update!
    • Upgrade your Shelters to awe-inspiring manors and elevate your town’s grandeur.
    • Upgrade the bakery to a prestigious pastry shop and fulfill your people’s desires for new luxuries.
  • v0.9.5: Expand your horizons in the gameplay and quality-of-life update!
    • Navigate your settlement and the surrounding wilderness as you prepare for incoming raiders with the new minimap.
    • Expertly manage your farms with a dedicated Crop Summary window.
    • Be rewarded for exploration by exploiting lost salvage sites.
  • v0.9.6: Take control of the game and bring your town to life in the simulation update!
    • Villagers will have voice lines and spend their well-deserved downtime relaxing and interacting with your town, making it feel more alive. Say goodbye to mindless wandering!
    • Craft your ideal gameplay experience with an overhauled custom game mode, where you get to decide exactly how you want to play!
  • v1.0: Achieve ultimate victory in the Tech Tree update!
    • The Tech Tree will vastly expand your options when tailoring your settlement however you desire, allowing you to optimize your production, agriculture, and military as you see fit. 
    • Become the victor with new (optional) victory conditions. Leave your mark on the frontier with magnificent monuments!

Farthest Frontier tasks players to build a settlement from scratch in the middle of nowhere. Players must ensure there’s enough food (so the settlers don’t starve to death), have enough firewood (so they don’t freeze to death come winter) and have adequate defences (so they don’t die of death when raiders come knocking).

Farthest Frontier channels the same charm of another survival city builder, Banished, and if you like slowly building towns with the occasional challenge spikes that can turn into a death spiral, Farthest Frontier is pretty decent so far in its Early Access form, even with all its rough edges. The game will be discounted in the upcoming Steam Summer Sale.

Farthest Frontier is available in Early Access on PC (Steam).

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