Fall Guys Out Now On PS4 And PC, But Currently Suffering With Server Issues

Fall Guys, the 60-player game show game is out now on PS4 and PC. Mediatonic’s take on Takeshi’s Castle but with bumbling colourful jellybeans have been a surprise hit, especially so as it’s struggling with day-one server issues.

The servers were fine when it launched first on Steam and PS4 in Asia yesterday, but around peak hours of 8-10PM, when it launches to the rest of the world, the servers have gone down.

Fall Guys is available free on PS Plus, even in Asia, which may have caused the indie game to receive an unexpected amount of player count. But it’s also charting on the top-selling list on Steam currently. So there is genuine interest for the game.

At its peak, at least 120,000 players were connecting to the servers to play this slapstick battle royale.

One day later, the recently-verified Fall Guys Twitter account continues to update on the server status. It’s still not there yet, but they are working on it. So far, it’s climbed up to 146,524 players as the game tries to get the servers more capacity.

For those wanting to hop in, it looks like you’ll better wait off for a bit. It’s not uncommon for a game not from a big publisher suffering day-one launch woes. Heck, even big publishers still can get a game not launch well on day-one.


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