Factory Builder Shapez 2 Gameplay Revealed, Now In 3D

Shapez, the indie automated factory builder where you build production lines that can cut, combine and paint various shapes into other shapes, is getting a sequel.

The first game has a simple but striking 2D presentation. But for Shapez 2, the factory takes on a whole new dimension: it’s in 3D.

Developer tobspr Games has revealed gameplay of the sequel, showing how Shapez 2 is literally adding a new dimension to this factory-building goodness.

With the extra layer of height, we can now have conveyor belts overlaying on top of each other. A new way to combine shapes- bringing one shape from an elevated conveyor belt to be stamped down below- is seen. Shapes can be launched to leap over distances.

Logistics-wise, there are also tubes and trains this time around as well for longer hauls, as the trailer zooms out to show an infinite void filled with a factory of sprawling conveyor belts. All while a piece of familiar music to those who play Shapez can be heard, now with a new mix.

Expect a research tree, new shape mechanics, animated buildings, and the addition of fluids that can speed up shape processing.

As for quality-of-life additions, you can now undo and redo (up to 50 operations), and rather than just a cut-and-paste feature, you now have a Blueprint Library. This allows you to save, load, export and even share factory design blueprints.

The logistics game sure is shaping up to be a big jump in complexity.

The original Shapez sold 500,000 units on Steam, with more than 10 million trying out the demo on shapez.io. Shapez was also once an Epic Games Store weekly freebie, so you might already have the original in your library if you’ve been claiming the free games offer.

Shapez has no combat. It’s a pure factory builder so every new task is a puzzle of how to connect various stations and machineries into an efficient, scalable workflow. Or make a spaghetti mess of conveyor belts in the most cursed way possible, as long as it gets the job done.

Shapez 2 currently has over 150,000 wishlists on Steam. It is expected to launch into Steam Early Access in 2024.

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