Face Off Against The Drift King In The Logitech G Challenge Asia Pacific 2018 For Gran Turismo Sport

If you're good enough, that is

Fancy another Gran Turismo Sport tournament? Logitech is organising one. The Logitech G Challenge Asia Pacific is open to players in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau to join.

This is an online event. You can register here though be sure to read the very detailed rules and regulations. All participating drivers- 240 is the registration limit- will be shortlisted to the top 120 players, with your current driver ratings (DR) taken into account. Serious competitive players only should apply.

The regional finals will see drivers setting the best time in three different tracks: Brands Hatch, Monza and Tsukuba using Gr.4 cars. The top 12 best drivers with the best time on each track will proceed to the regional finals. Here, there will be six races featuring the mentioned three tracks plus three more: Nurburgring GP, Interlagos and Suzuka. All these races will be using Gr.3 cars.

All the countries are divided into four regions, with only six drivers selected to the Grand Finals. The regions are:

  • Japan (2 drivers)
  • Australia and New Zealand (2 drivers)
  • Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong (1 driver)
  • Malaysia and Singapore (1 driver)

These six players will then get to qualify to the Grand Finals in Taipei, win a Logitech steering wheel and a chance to meet and challenge Keiichi Tsuchiya, i.e. the Drift King. Yes, he is the man that inspired Initial D and a living legend in the racing scene. He’s really fast in GT Sport too if you’re wondering, here’s him trying out the game and beating his real-life record.

The winner of the Grand Finals will get a free trip to watch the McLaren Shadow Project Semi-Finals to be held at the McLaren Technology Centre in the UK.

You can still register here, but hurry. Registration closes on October 5th.


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