EA Sports FC 24 Makes Use Of Volumetric Data Capture And AI For Next-Gen Realism

EA Sports FC 24 will feature the new HypermotionV technology when playing on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

It has something to do about volumetric data and how it captures the realism of the footballers, which sounds rather vague. But the deep gameplay dive trailer and accompanying blog post explain in detail what the tech really is.

First, when EA Sports FC 24 talks about volumetric data, it’s how they have captured video footage from at least 180 top-tier matches, which includes matches of the UEFA Men’s and Women’s Champions League, Premier League and La Liga.

So instead of motion capture, FC 24 take the video footage and turns it into volumetric data used to create its animations, assisted with AI machine learning to fill in any gaps.

The result of this is rather subtle, however. A side-by-side animation of cover star Erling Haaland’s running animation from previous FIFA games to FC 24 is only noticeable if you watch a lot of football. Haaland swings his arms a teeny bit more than his previous depictions.

But it’s not just Haaland that’s getting this treatment. Over 1,200 footballers, men and women, are benefiting from this tech, to accentuate each individual’s style.

From all the notes on the blog post, it’s now clear why HypermotionV is a next-gen feature only for the latest consoles and PC. A lot of it involves AI, from goalkeepers’ hand motions to ball physics, as well as making all the volumetric data-powered animations flow.

AI in itself has been a very positive buzzword these days, so it’s understandable why EA came up with another name to promote its efforts to make the beautiful game even more realistic.

EA Sports FC 24 will be out on September 29 for the PS4, PS5, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, EA App), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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