DLC Character A.K.I. Joins Street Fighter 6 This Month

Brand-new Street Fighter 6 character A.K.I. now has a release date. The latest weird character and the second of four DLC characters in the Year 1 pass will slither to release later this September.

A.K.I. looks to be one slippery character. Long pokes thanks to her long, sharp claws, poison attacks, and the ability to literally slip underneath fireballs, which can be combo-ed into an overhead attack that may or may not have mix-up potential. Or worse, slip underneath into a grab.

A.K.I.’s alternate outfit is also seen here, which gives her a frilly dress to contrast with the snakeskin-esque garb she has for her default.

A.K.I. joins the Street Fighter 6 roster as the 20th playable character on September 21. This will include a new story as part of World Tour mode, similar to Rashid previously.

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