Rashid Now Available In Street Fighter 6, Includes Arcade Mode And World Tour Additions

Rashid of the Turbulent Wind, the first DLC character of Street Fighter 6, and one of four DLC characters in the Year 1 Character Pass, is now available.

Rashid, like the rest of the SF6 cast, will have his own Arcade Mode story, as well as an appearance in World Tour. For World Tour, if you have the DLC, you can find him at Old Nayshall during the day.

Rashid also comes with Outfit 2, which is a rendition of his attire in his debut game Street Fighter V, as well as 10 colour options.

Players can also try out Rashid with the Rental Fighter feature. It’s an unlockable ticket in SF6’s Fighting Pass which grants players a one-hour trial to give any DLC character a whirl.

UPDATE: At the moment, the Rental Figher feature is not working, as per this tweet by Street Fighter:

The update also includes some “battle adjustments”, which means some changes to the characters. These aren’t balance changes per se, a look into the full patch notes dedicated to battle adjustments sees a lot of quality-of-life changes and bug fixes. This also includes changes to how each character plays with Modern controls.

The update is now live, and servers are now online, on all platforms.

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Source: Street Fighter

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