Introducing The 50 (+1) Shortlisted Games For Gamer Malaya And Gamer Matters GOTY Awards 2019

It’s award season! Since 2017, Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters have run our own brand of game awards, celebrating the great games (and ridicule some we are disappointed with) that we encounter this year. Whether we played them all or just watch some playthrough on YouTube matters not,  these are the games that defined the year for us.

For GM GOTY 2019, we are doing something a little different. We have shortlisted 50+1 games to be nominated across 9 categories- some returning, some are new. The games in the staple Most Disappointing category, the tenth category of the awards, are omitted from this list.

Without further ado, here is the shortlist:

  1. A Plague’s Tale
  2. Ace Combat 7
  3. Ape Out
  4. Astral Chain
  5. Baba Is You
  6. Borderlands 3
  7. Blasphemous
  8. Bloodstained
  9. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare
  10. Catherine Full Body
  11. Control
  12. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  13. Daemon X Machina
  14. Dangerous Driving
  15. Days Gone
  16. Death Stranding
  17. Devil May Cry 5
  18. Dirt Rally 2.0
  19. Disco Elysium
  20. F1 2019
  21. Fire Emblem Three Houses
  22. The Grand Tour Game
  23. Greedfall
  24. GRID 2019
  25. Halo Reach
  26. Hypnospace Outlaw
  27. Indivisible
  28. Judgment
  29. King’s League II
  30. Medievil
  31. Metal Wolf Chaos XD
  32. Metro Exodus
  33. NFS Heat
  34. The Outer Wilds
  35. The Outer Worlds
  36. Outward
  37. Pokémon Sword and Shield
  38. Resident Evil 2
  39. River City Girls
  40. Samurai Shodown
  41. Sayonara Wild Hearts
  42. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  43. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  44. Subnautica Below Zero
  45. Terminator Uprising
  46. Tetris 99
  47. Untitled Goose Game
  48. Void Bastards
  49. World War Z 
  50. WRC 8 

The +1 is Kingdom Hearts III.

In a 2-episode special of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast, we go through the deliberation process in determining the winner of each award. The first episode is dedicated to introduce and celebrate the 50 (+1) shortlisted games. And the 10 games/gaming things that disappointed us the most in 2019.

You can catch episode 047 of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast on YouTube here:

Here is the audio-only version on Anchor. You can also listen to it via the Anchor app which allows you to skip certain segments of the podcast:

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