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We Talked About Warframe Farming, Gacha And The Next Playstation In The Latest Episode Of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast

PS4 Pro 2? No, PS4 Produa


Have we gone too deep with our Malaysian-flavoured inside jokes? Maybe.

On this episode, Meck picks up a hoe and talk about the farming in Warframe, the only game he has been playing that he can legally talk about this episode. Anan is on a gaming detox. And Wam found the most Wambait gacha game ever made.

Meanwhile, Danial went robot in the longest dia.cast segment so far, detailed his journey on upgrading his graphics card (and how it all went wrong) and attended… an event we just could not wrap our heads around.

Not only that, we gave our hot takes on the confirmed hardware specs of the new Playstation console, and dug up the grave of Telltale to give one more telling off.

Have fun listening to the fruits of our labour, which has a minor percentage drop for a Rubico Prime Blueprint.Note:

For our international listeners, go check out the Malaysian car marque Perodua.

You can catch episode 030 of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast on YouTube here:

Here is the audio-only version on Anchor. You can also listen to it via the Anchor app which allows you to skip certain segments of the podcast:

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