Destruction AllStars Modes Revealed – It’s Destruction Derby With On-Foot Antics

The delayed PS5 launch title Destruction AllStars have revealed more gameplay information. And as you might have guessed from the reveal trailer- it’s Destruction Derby, but with on-foot antics.

The new gameplay trailer shows a snippet of gameplay in action. You ram and punt other cars- and yes, there’s very good damage model on display here. Some cars also have special abilities like an invisible cloak.

But your car is wrecked, you don’t just out of the match or respawn into a new one. Rather, you can go out on-foot to acquire a new one- either spawned mid-match or take over your opponent’s ride.

There are four modes of play in Destruction AllStars at launch. Mayhem is described as something like regular deathmatch. Deal damage and wreck opponents to score points. Highest score wins. Carnado brings that normal formula a twist. Instead of collecting points, damage and wrecks net you Gears, which stores in the car. You can sacrifice it to the Carnado to score more points.

Next is Stockpile, which is this game’s version of capture the flag. Grab gears from damage and wrecks then deposit them in the bank. Bank more gears to claim the bank. Most bank wins. Lastly there’s Gridfall. It’s last person standing but the floors of the arena will be slowly falling off. Each player has a limited number of respawn, but once that’s out, you’re out. Last person standing wins.

Destrucion AllStars will also have a training mode and a challenge series to hone your skills before a proper match. There will be cosmetic rewards and future content drops including Seasons, events and updates that can add new modes, new AllStars (playable characters) and even new features.

Destruction AllStars will be available in February 2021 for the PS5, and free for PS Plus subscribers for a limited time.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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