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Destroy All Humans! Is Getting A Remake, Out Next Year


Now this is a throwback. The last of three THQNordic’s pre-E3 game announcements is a faithful remake to the shooter game Destroy All Humans. Originally made by now-defunct Pandemic in 2005, it features you playing the alien called Crypto who’s out to… well, Destroy All Humans!

The Cold War era backdrop and its comedy made it stood out as one of the more memorable B-games of the time. And it’s fun just to mow people down with silly weapons, including an anal probe.

The remake, handled by Black Forest Games, will be preserving the unique flavour of the game, though graphics assets are improved and gameplay tweaks are being added. So it’s not as a faithful remake as, say, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. But it’s no straight-up remaster either.

For now, just enjoy the CG trailer, set to the tune of Rammstein’s Ich Wil, for some reason.

Destroy All Humans! remake will be out sometime in 2020 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Source: Destroy All Humans!