Destiny 2 Is Getting A New Limited-Time Event: The Guardian Games

Destiny 2 has a pretty predictable season events. But not this year. Bungie is adding a new one called the Guardian Games.

From the name and the trailer, it’s basically an Olympics-style celebration. The three guardian classes (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) will compete for top honour, with the winning class getting “a permanent reminder” of their achievements on the Tower for everyone to see for the rest of the year.

Eva and Zavala will be your main vendors that provide you with daily challenges. A new exotic machine gun, the Heir Apparent, and a bunch of new cosmetics. Some of them are metallic class items that change appearance based on the class’ overall performance (bronze, silver or gold) in the Guardian Games, which will also be locked in for the rest of the year as a reminder of their feats.

The Guardian Games begins on April 21st (next week) and lasts until May 11th. This is free content available to all players.

Destiny 2 is out now, and free-to-play, on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Stadia.

via Bungie


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