Deathverse: Let It Die Is Coming To Playstation Next Year

The folks at Supertrick Games and GungHo Online Entertainment has reveal the sequel to the free-to-play title, Let It Die, during the recent State of Play event. It called Deathverse: Let It Die and it’s looks to be as crazy as the first game, but with a more survival action touch than a Rogue-like.

Set 100 years after the first game, the title is more of a PvPvE combat game where you’ll be fighting players and the in-game cannon fodders in a duel to the death to climb up the ranks to become a star.

All of this is set within their in-universe TV show, Death Jamboree, and while Suda51 isn’t helping with this one, you can feel his influence seeping in this title too by spirit.

So expect saw-welded hands combat and perhaps a cameo of Uncle Death when Deathverse releases for both PlayStation 4 and 5 next Spring.

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