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Dead Cells Leaving Early Access In August, Also Coming To PS4 And Switch


Dead Cells is a rougelike and a Metroidvania with “tough but fair” combat, which, of course, has been compared to a soulslike. It had a pretty strong Early Access launch with raving reviews last year.

Developers Motion Twin has now announced that Dead Cells will soon be leaving Early Access, and will be out on PS4 and Nintendo Switch by August. This announcement is also coinciding a new update, “The Baguette Update” which overhauls the item upgrade system, legendary item drops, and UI changes fit for a full release.

“With the seventh update rolling out on Early Access, Dead Cells is very close to being content complete, the lore being the last piece of the puzzle we’re working on for launch day,” said Steve Filby, producer at Motion Twin.

“Although version 1.0 definitely won’t be the end, as we’ve already promised one major free DLC to the community that made all of this possible.”

Dead Cells is still in Early Access on Steam for only RM39. It will be out of Early Access (which will result in a price hike) this August, alongside the PS4 and Switch version published by Merge Games.