Creative Assembly’s New IP Is Multiplayer Shooter Hyenas

Creative Assembly, the makers of the Total War series, is branching out of strategy games again. But for fans of Alien Isolation wanting another survival horror game from them, this is not it.

This new game is Hyenas, a multiplayer shooter set in space where you loot the rich billionaires of their pop culture swag. The catch is that you are not the only team of three players plundering the spaceship. Four other crews are on board as well, gunning for the same Sega-branded merch as you are.

Hyenas promises zero-G combat and “a sandbox playground of interlocking systems creating endless opportunities for slick teams to exploit the environment, security networks, hired goons and competing crews to gain an edge.”

The trailer is likely all cinematic stuff, but there is some promise to the interlocking systems. Hyenas is taking a cue from Prey (2017) with its own take on a GLOO Cannon. The white goop is seen being used for traversal as well as freezing enemies.

Hyenas should appeal to fans of the growing PvPvE genre, a sort-of evolution of the battle royale shooters that combines the slow looting and search phase with fast-action, high-stakes combat moments. But fans of Creative Assembly games, based on the reaction tweets over on Twitter, seemed understandably not sold on the game. Especially when there is already plenty of multiplayer shooters with bright characters out there.

We know we’ve got something interesting on our hands, but we also know the odds are stacked against us,” said Executive Producer, David Nicholson. “To take on the biggest games in the industry, we need to hear what players think, right up front and early.

Hyenas will begin Alpha Testing in Europe and North America (if you are from those regions, sign-ups are open here). The game is set to release on PS4, PS5, PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2023.

Source: Creative Assembly

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