Corepunk Is An MMO Action RPG, Open Beta Starts Late 2020

There are many Diablo-like action RPGs, and there are many MMORPGs. But what if the two mixed together?

Corepunk is a new game by 100-person development team Artificial Core, based in The Netherlands. It’s an MMORPG, but like most action RPGs (and not all MMO games), it has a top-down view and constant fog of war.

The fog of war not only makes you keep on your toes, but it also affects how PvP works. Laying down traps and sneak attacks are possible.

The open-world in Corepunk is seamless, with a non-linear narrative where players can complete quests in any order they like- with branching paths and alternate endings to them. There are character classes with different abilities. There will also be an extensive economy system which includes crafting and trading in-game items.

Also, there will be a “profound amount of lore, arenas, battlegrounds, guilds, farms, randomly generated dungeons, raids, and crafting and mining professions”- something MMO players would appreciate.

Developed with the Unity engine, Corepunk will be the first game by Amsterdam-based studio Artificial Core. The game’s open beta will launch in Q4 2020.

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