Concrete Genie Comes Out On October 9th In Southeast Asia, Featuring Photo Mode And “Paint Skating”

Wholesome-looking new game by Pixelopus Concrete Genie now has a release date. Debuted last two years at the Paris Games Show, the game is about the protagonist Ash painting his hometown again with a magic brush, as he deals with some personal struggles which includes being bullied by other kids.

A new, short trailer has revealed the release date, and it briefly shows off a new ability Ash can use with the magic brush- “Paint Skating”. Now we don’t know if you can pull off sick kickflips or do 100,000-point combos just yet, but at the very least this should add some variety when traversing the through the town.

In addition, the accompanying post on the Playstation Blog also revealed that the game, like many of Sony’s PS4 exclusives, will have a photo mode right on launch. The cool bit here is the option to make a timelapse replay, so you can show off your paintings as it is being created.

Concrete Genie will be out on October 8th exclusively for the PS4.

UPDATE 31/7/19: Playstation Asia has revealed that Concrete Genie will be out on October 9th, one day later than the North American release. Both the digital and standard physical copy will be retailing at RM129 in Malaysia.

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