Civilization VI New Frontier Pass: Byzantium and Gaul Pack Arrives On September 24

This month is new DLC drop month for Civilization VI. The new developer update video outlined what’s to expect in the next DLC from the New Frontier Pass: the Byzantium and Gaul Pack.

As the name implies, two new civs are added, both Rome-related. Byzantium, a returning civ, was the eastern part of Rome. The Gaul are new to Civ, were the people in Western Europe with Celtic culture, and later was under Rome control.

The Byzantium And Gaul Pack also contains two world wonders: The Statue Of Zeus and the Biosphere. It also will include a new map type: The Highlands which brings civs with hill bonuses a strong advantage.

Lastly, we have a new optional game mode: Dramatic Ages. This changes the way ages work- now you are either in a Dark Age, or a Golden Age. There’s incentives to keep earning era score with extra bonuses like city loyalty. And dark/golden age policies are much stronger. Georgia, the civ added in the Rise And Fall expansion which added the era mechanic, also gets reworked for Dramatic Age mode.

Take a look at the dev update video here:

As always, you can expect a first look video breaking down Byzantium and Gaul separately leading up to the DLC release.

The Byzantium and Gaul Pack is part of the New Frontier Pass, and also available as a separate purchase for RM38, will be out on September 24.


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