Civilization VI Introduces New Playable Civ Norway And Old Favourite Greece

Another two weeks, another two civilizations revealed for the upcoming 4X strategy game Civilization VI. While last two weeks we got to see some interesting mechanics being used, the latest two civs to be revealed is less unique, but still as strong as the rest of the civs already revealed.

Denmark and Sweden made thier debut as playable civs in Civ V but this year’s game is ushering a new Nordic civ into the mix: Norway. Led By Harald Hardrada, the Norweigans are basically what you expect the vikings were in thier heyday: great at warmongering but best at raiding via sea.

Norway has the ability to embark and disembark unit at no cost of movement points and can enter deep water earlier than any other civs. Add that with Harald’s ability where naval units can do coastal raids and the Longship unique unit, on top of Norway’s Berserker unique unit that takes less moves to pillage and strong attacking bonuses and you have a strong, harrasing civ in the early to mid game. Their unique building, Stave Church, replaces the temple but with an added adjacency bonus to forests.

The Greeks have been a series staple, but having Alexander The Great out of the way and bringing in Pericles as its leader is something interesting. Greece in general has a bonus wildcard slot in any government type they choose, which means more choices for bonuses from governance. Pericles himself brings the ability that benefits Greece for buddying up with city-states: once Greece gets more culture for being suzerains of city-states, where those extra culture points are needed to progress the governance tree.

To hone in Greece towards culture their unique building is the acropolis, which replaces the theatre district and gains culture adjacency bonuses for building next to districts or the city centre. Though it must be build on a hill. Greece’s unique unit, the hoplite, is stronger when they are adjacent with other hoplites.

Civilization VI is still on track for release on October 23 for the PC.

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