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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’s New Leader Eleanor Can Lead Either England Or France


With Civilization VI, a change was made for the 4X strategy game where the leader and civilization are seperate. This opens up the possibility of a civ having two leader choices, as seen in Greece and India (with the Rise and Fall expansion). For the Gathering Storm expansion, there is now a leader that can lead two different civs.

Eleanor of Aquitaine can either represent France or England. And yes she was queen of both empires during her life, which makes her the perfect candidate to be the series’ first leader of two different civs in one game. Her unique ability, “Court of Love”, is a city-flipper’s dream. Great Works placed in her city will cause foreign cities to lose loyalty. Not only that, should a foreign city loyalty drops, it will skip becoming a free state and immediately flip over to France. Or England.

This one ability synergises well with the base abilities with France, which has advantages of building World Wonders in the Renaissance Era. Eleanor as France can lead to a strong civ with culture victory in mind. England gets a tweak in Gathering Storm where its original civ ability (which focuses on culture via archeology) is changed. Now it’s an expansionist with extra power resources. With Eleanor leading England, the need to keep adding more cities can be made easier by plucking ones from your neighbours.

Also, Eleanor sports a different look when representing either civs, which is neat.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion will be out on February 14th for the PC (Steam).