Check Out The Characters In Battleborn In This New Trailer

In case you missed it, Battleborn will be running an open beta test, starting 8 April at 10AM PST (That’s 1.00AM Malaysian time) on the PS4, with the Xbox One and PC (via Steam) will be available on the 13th. This hybrid of an FPS and a MOBA comes from the guys at Gearbox Software, the developers of the Borderlands series, and the Brothers in Arms series. (And also infamously responsible for Aliens Colonial Marines). 

To hype up the game, there’s a new trailer showcasing all the available characters in the game on launch, as well as the basics of the gameplay.

It’s a pretty eclectic mix of cast, and if you haven’t noticed yet, it has the similar tone of Borderlands all over it, with its semi-serious, quirky humour. So it’s safe to say if your’e a fan of their previous work you might want to check it out.

Battleborn is set to release on May 3 this year.

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