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Cat Collecting Simulator Neko Atsume Arrives To PS4 This May

Now you can (hopefully) play with Tubbs.


Hit Point and their lovely cat collecting game, Neko Atsume, is coming to PS4 and what better way to promote it than saying that the game has a VR mode. That’s right, we can play with the cats in VR!

It will launch for the PlayStation Store on May 31 in Japan for 1,944 yen (roughly 70 ringgit) and has all the features from the mobile game, like placing food, waiting, looking after your visiting feline friends and get mementos from your fluffy visiting kitties when they feel like it, along with the VR feature where you can play with your cats in the calming halls of either your backyard or indoors in 3D.

While the game is currently for Japan only, expect it to hit worldwide soon, because man this game is popular.

Source: Gematsu