Can’t Get Enough Of God Eaters!

If you’re a fan of hack and slash plus came from “weebnation”, no fear as I got you covered with these latest JRPG game. Several hours ago, Bandai Namco teased their first official trailer from PROJECT G.E. (God Eater) sequel which means, GOD EATER 3.

without any further spoilers, watch the video and bask in moments with new weapons and skills that will ( will not ) be developed.

you thought I was done ? no, Bandai Namco also announced on their official twitter and website where another God Eater 2 sequel which titled as “God Eater Resonance Ops” that have the synopsis story of 3 years after God Eater 2 incident. Adding more juice into the news, here is the Promo video.

The best thing about this sequel is where this game made for Mobile Platform, quote mode MOBILE GAMER quote mode. So, the probability that this game is a Turn-Based RPG kinda HIGH !!!

Nuff of weeb news.


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