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Buy These Chibi Rainbow Six: Siege Figurines And Get Exclusive In-Game Content


Who would expect Rainbow Six -a serious military FPS franchise- to have a chibi figurines line? With Rainbow Six: Siege, that is now possible thanks to the many unique operatives you can play as, each with their own distinctive look, kit and playstyle.

The SIX Collection Chibi currently features five different operators: Tachanka, Smoke, Ash, IQ, and Montagne. Each represent the first five national counter-terrorist units in Rainbow Six: Siege featured during the launch window.

They look exquisitely chibi. The designs are based on the chibi charms you can equip on weapons in the game. Each figurine are of 10cm height.

Also, by purchasing one of these figurines,  you will receive “a unique code to unlock exclusive in-game content in reference to the charms hanged on the operator’s weapons.”

Pre-orders are available now on the Ubisoft Store. Since the Ubi Store isn’t available in Southeast Asia, you can also get them at participating retailers in Malaysia. Each figure will cost RM399* EDIT: It is actually RM399 for 1 whole set. Tachanka is exclusive to the Ubisoft Store, but if you pre-order the whole set (Smoke, Ash, IQ and Montagne), you’ll get Tachanka for free.

The SIX Collection Chibi will be available on October 3.