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Build Run Your Own Public Aquarium Of Large Size In Megaquarium, Out Now


There’s plenty of building/management/tycoon games on PC nowadays, huh? Here’s one more that might be interesting. How about building and running your own public aquarium?

Megaquarium is just that. Build aquariums then populate them with over 100 sea creatures to choose from. But each of them has different needs to suit them. Then you have to hire and manage your staff to handle all the day-to-day work. Also, you have to make money. It’s what you want and expect from this sort of strategy game.

The developer here is Twice Circled, and one-man team which released Big Pharma, another building/management/tycoon game based on the pharmaceutical industry. That game was hugely successful, both critically and sales-wise, so there’s established pedigree here.

Megaquarium is out now on PC via Steam for RM44, with a 10% discount until September 21st.