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Here’s Borderlands 3 Character Trailer For FL4K The Beastmaster, Interactive Skill Tree Now Available


The final of four Vault Hunter character trailer for upcoming looter-shooter Borderlands 3 has arrived. FL4K the Beastmaster gets the spotlight here, as the robot AI continues to hunt alongside his beast pets. Which is probably why they went to be a Vault Hunter.

As the accompanying blog post detailed, FL4K gets to equip one action skill and one pet from the three skill trees, and like the rest of the cast, you can mix and match them. The Hunter skill lets you have a pet Spiderant Centurion and the ability to summon a pack of flying Rakks swooping enemies from above. The skills are geared for long-range sniping, with its capstone allowing any hit to have a chance to be a crit- missing a headshot won’t be as punishing.

The Master skill tree lets FL4K have a pet Guard Skag and the Gamma Burst ability. The ability lets you teleport your pet and the location it appears will create radiation damage. It also heals your pet and gives buffs. The skills are all about improving FL4K’s pet’s damage output, with the capstone ability makes melee attacks have a chance to make the enemy an ally.

The last skill tree, Stalker, gives FL4K the Jabber Sidekick pet and the Fade Away ability. AS the name implies, Fade Away makes you invisible for a short time, with increased health and movement speed. FL4K also gets three guaranteed crit shots. The Stalker skill tree is mostly about improving survivability.

In addition, over on the Borderlands website, you can now access the full, interactive skill trees of all the Vault Hunters and plan your builds ahead of the game’s launch. There are 48 skill points to spend, and with the new skill augments- those skills that don’t sit in the three middle slots- it’s good to mess around with it now for returning players.

Borderlands 3 will be out on Septemeber 15th for the PS4, PC (Epic Games Store) and Xbox One.