Black Desert SEA Opens Registration For Arena Of Arsha PVP Event, Plus New Limited-Time Events Now Live

MMORPG Black Desert is opening registration for its Arena of Arsha 2020 – Class Tournament.

Arena Of Arsha is a PVP tournament that always have different rulesets. For this year, the ruleset is solo players only, and you only fight players of your selected class.

You will also need to use a Trial character. Trial characters are level 60 characters you can make for specific events, including Arena Of Arsha, with loads of skill points available to make your desired build.

Registration is open until April 5th, but can’t be done in-game. Rather, you need to go to Black Desert SEA’s official site here to participate in Arena of Arsha. There are rewards for just participating too.

New Limited-Time Events

Black Desert SEA’s latest update brings new limited-time events. First is an increased drop rate for lifeskills- namely hunting, fishing and gathering. Drops for Black Stones, Ancient Relic Crystal Shards, Hard Black Crystal Shards, and Sharp Black Crystal Shards are increased. (Lasts until April 8th)

There is also the new Oasis chests. You can complete a new quest from the Black Spirit, buy rare gear and items from NPC Ellie and get Oasis chests just by playing for 30 minutes. More info and the items lists can be found here. (No ETA of event end)


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