Black Desert Mobile Adds Valencia Region, Starting With West Valencia

The map of Black Desert Mobile expands eastward. After the addition of North Mediah, now Pearl Abyss is adding part of the desert empire of Valencia.

The vast desert of Valencia- otherwise known as the namesake Black Desert- is as large as all the current regions of Balenos, Calpheon, Serendia and Mediah put together. As such, the region added here won’t be in its full form. West Valencia- which includes the Bashim and Waragon territories- is the one added first.

More regions that together form Valencia, as seen in the main MMORPG on PC and consoles, will be added in future updates.

West Valencia also includes the addition of Abyssal-grade gear dropped by enemies here. Also, the main story continues in this region as well.

Other additions with this latest update is an increased chance of success obtaining higher-grade Alchemy Stones from crafting or synthesizing Alchemy Stones (with the option of auto-crafting added) plus a level cap increase to 75.

Black Desert Mobile is out now for iOS and Android, for free.

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