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Big Players In The SEA Gaming Industry To Convene At SEA Summit 2017


The gaming industry in Southeast Asia is making a big step forward with the introduction of SEA Summit Conference. Organised by GameStart, the inaugural event is business-to-business conference for people in the gaming industry across Southeast Asia to convene. It will be held from 12-13 October 2017 in Pixel Building, Singapore.

As part of the conference, the organisers have announced the first wave of key speakers from big names in Southeast Asia’s gaming industry, covering various topics: game development, trends, marketing and esports.

Here is the first wave of speakers, including names that may be familiar to regular visitors to the site.

  • Henric Suuronen (Co-Founder, Nonstop Games)
  • Teck Lee Tan (Senior Technical Artist, Bandai Namco Studios Singapore)
  • Alexander Fernandez (CEO, Streamline Studios)


  • Alaric Choo (Partnerships and Technical Director, Secretlab)
  • Oliver Kern (Growth @ Kuuhubb OY)
  • Jackson “Raijinshi” Lee (
  • Michelle “Lylia” Tan (Co-Founder & CEO,


  • Seow Tein Hee (Executive Editor,
  • Sean Lim (Founder, Wanuxi)
  • Febrianto Nur Anwari (Senior Editor, Duniaku Network)


  • Zhi Liang Chew (Fighting Games Commentator)
  • Wong “NutZ” Jeng Yih (Dota 2 Pro)
  • Ho Kun Xian, “RZR Xian” (Street Figther V Pro)

Our good friends at Fundeavour, which we have collaborated for the Gamer Of The Week features, will be there, including Raijinshi, which we have featured before. Streamline Studios, one the big developers based in Malaysia, have also been featured here.

The event is focused on the game industry. While anyone can register to join the event here, priority is made for games industry professionals.

MDEC has made its own game industry event last year with Level Up KL. It’s good to see the industry getting more matured with events like this happening, as it will benefit us gamers in the long run with more games being developed and better events being organised to suit our needs.

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