Be An Agent Of Household Destruction Little Devil: Foster Mayhem

What if Hitman but you play as a kid? Okay, that would be Lucius. How about removing the murder aspects and just have you do damage on furniture and household items? Then that will get you this game, Little Devil: Foster Mayhem.

In Little Devil: Foster Mayhem, you are a naughty boy who must cause utter mayhem in your foster parents’ home. That means messing up the furniture, breaking the TV, and removing the leaves from potted plants. And more things that will drive an adult into madness.

You must do all this without getting caught. So this is a stealth game in a way.

This game with a clever play on words as its subtitle is essentially a modern take of Dennis The Menace in video game form. Although not mechanically similar, it also has the same vibe to the old Neighbours From Hell games.

Developed by Polish studio Cave Games, the game is being published by indie publisher Leoful.

Little Devil: Foster Mayhem will be available on the Nintendo Switch on August 25. The game will be only available on the American and European Nintendo eShop at launch.

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