Batman Available For Free In Arena Of Valor

Arena Of Valor, the mobile MOBA by Tencent that may have had too many names, is now live for Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. And it has now started to roll out additional content, first of which are addtional new characters based on the DC universe.

Yes, you can play as DC characters in a MOBA now, in case fighting games is not enough.

Today, publisher Garena Malaysia has announced the hero will be available for the shared server of Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. All you have to do is log in to Arena Of Valor on November 10 when the hero is released to unlock it for absolutely free.

Similar to League Of Legends- another MOBA published here by Garena, heroes need to be unlocked through in-game currency earned from playing the game. Getting a hero for free is a big deal, especially if you’re looking for another damage dealing assassin with high burst damage which is part of the Dark Knight’s kit in the game.

Arena Of Valor is now available on iOS and Android.


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