Baby Steps Is A Literal Walking Simulator By The Makers Of Ape Out And QWOP

We all joke that experiential games where you see a narrative unfold simply by walking around an empty world are “walking simulators”. Well, someone has decided to take that joke seriously.

Gabe Cuzillo and Maxi Boch, the duo developers behind Ape Out, and Bennett Foddy, the person that made QWOP and Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, has teamed up to create Baby Steps.

Revealed at the Devolver Direct 2023, Baby Steps has you control Nate who found himself in a new world. He now must explore the world, one step at a time, because the walking here is physics-based. “Full-simulated physics-based walking” as it says in the press release. Imagine Death Stranding but harder, where the baby here is only in the title (at least from what we see so far) with QWOP levels of intensive controls.

Baby Steps will be released on PS5 and PC in 2024.

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