Devolver Direct 2023 Will See… The Return Of Volvy?

Devolver Digital has confirmed they will be returning with another summer showcase show with their signature unhinged style, Devolver Direct.

Devolver Direct 2023 will be held on June 8 at 3 PM PT (June 4, 6 AM Malaysia Time, +8 GMT).

Devolver Direct 2023 will see the return of “the world’s most beloved video game mascot” Volvy. The teaser trailer hypes Volvy up, shown to have appeared in various Devolver-published games.

“I’m back gamers!” the iconic rodent with one oversized arm proclaimed.

Will Volvy evolve or… devolve throughout the course of the show? Place your bets.

Devolver Direct has been great at parodying game culture, and pointing out silly fads of the year.

2022 saw the “video game singularity” where all games converge into one thanks to mecha-Suda 51- poking fun at how game franchises cross streams ever so often with collabs as well as the many, many gaming companies acquiring each other and consolidating.

2021 was the year of the Devolver Maxpass+ mocking the rise of subscription services.

2023 seems to bring back the 90’s for some reason, but we shall see what the indie publisher has to offer. Aside from the jokes delivered with exceptional production value, it is a proper showcase livestream with video game reveals. Hopefully we see more Skate Story.

We have a list that compiles all the major livestream showcases of summer 2023, the “Wait, This Isn’t E3” Summer Games Announcements” as we like to call it, encompassing mostly the Summer Game Fest.

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