Atlus Announces Persona 5 Royal, More Info Coming This April.

Well, after Atlus hyping up the past month with something Persona 5 related, they have release a trailer! … for something they will release more info on April 24.

The trailer above showcase an in-game cutscene of a new character talking to Goro Akechi in voice over. Who she is right now is uncertain but she could be someone like Marie from Persona 4 Golden instead of a new Female MC (sadly).

The trailer ends to showcase the Persona 5 Royal logo,which also doesn’t reveal a whole lot as well,and the date April 24.

While this isn’t what many expect the announcement to be ( domain is still under Atlus), people are excited to figure our what this is. Is it a new DLC,game mode or something else?

We shall see on April 24th.



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