Atlas Reactor Out Now With A Free-To-Play Option

Atlas Reactor is interesting: It has the trappings of a MOBA with unique characters having specific abilities and an ultimate ability, though played tactically in a simultaneously turn-based manner with movements on tiles ala XCOM or Fire Emblem. What it brings is not something you usually see in most multiplayer games of its ilk. The game is now ready to be a full-fledged launch.

While it is available for free, the free-to-play option has its limitations. It only has a limited selection of freelancers, the characters, on rotation unique to each player. Plus you can only open loot matrices that can unlock cosmetics at the rate of 36 hours a day. Ranked and custom games are locked as well. But if you just want to give it a shot, all of these should not matter just yet, and can give you enough of an impression to invest more time and money in the game or not.

Here’s the cinematic trailer (not gameplay) for the game:

To unlock all freelancers forever, you’ll need to buy it at around RM100. Otherwise, the game can still be played free, just head down to Steam and give it a download.

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