At FV X SEA Major 2018, Eating Pizza On Stage Does Not Stop Kubo From Winning

Pizza party! While that phrase may have some negative connotations when it comes to esports, everyone at FV X SEA Major 2018 was all smiles thanks to Domino’s Pizza Malaysia. The pizza parlour gave away quite a lot of its pies for the competing players, both local and international, to enjoy while the fighting game tournaments are underway.

But who’s to say you can’t enjoy them while playing in a high-stakes tournament on the main stage?

Japanese player StormKubo of Atlas Bear was in a losers’ final match for Street Fighter V against Taiwan’s top Rashid player OilKing, and Kubo brought along a piece of a pizza on stage. It was a losers bracket match, with the winner advancing to the Top 8.

Kubo went for a fistbump instead of the usual pre-match handshakes- just before he was going to take the first bite, and he continues to munch it in-between rounds.

“He’s trying to get that Domino’s sponsorship,” commentator Jiyuna remarked. There was also some pizza on the commentary box as well, seen in this clip from the tournament livestream:

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia is getting into the esports scene. We saw listings for an Esports Project Coordinator recently, though all listings of these has since been taken down. While Jiyuna may be joking, at least in Malaysia, that may not be too far off from being a reality soon. Them sponsoring FV X SEA Major is a good sign of things to come.

StormKubo reached top 8 for Street Fighter V before losing to another Taiwanese, the veteran Gamerbee. Joining him on joint-7th spot is Malaysia’s NekoXX. Malaysia’s top player Chuan, now part of Atlas Bear alongside Kubo and many others, narrowly missed the top 8, placing 9th after losing to Japan’s Mago who is now using Cammy. Razer’s Xian took top honours for Street Fighter V.

Full results of FV X SEA Major 2018 can be found here.

Source: Facebook, Facebook

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