Astro’s Playroom Updated – Four Secret Special Bots To Find And Bring Over To Astro Bot

If you’re already excited to play Astro Bot this September, why not boot up Astro’s Playroom. The PS5 pack-in game (if you have a PS5, you have that game) has been updated with some new stuff to hype the upcoming release of Astro Bot.

In particular, developers Team Asobi have hidden four Special Bots, one to be available each month starting last June. These Special Bots, once found, will form your starting crew in Astro Bot where you have to find and rescue 300 more bots.

The PlayStation Blog post shared the wild steps you need to follow to find June’s Special Bot, Lady Maria from Bloodborne. It involves the release date of The Old Hunters DLC, somehow.

For July, Selene from Returnal is hiding somewhere in Astro’s Playroom, though apparently fans have discovered how to find here already.

Two more will be added in Astro’s Playroom in the lead up to Astro Bot’s release. Check out the new Secret Labo room where you can find the countdown to Astro Bot’s release, as well as your found Special Bots will be hanging around.

Check out our hands-on impressions of Astro Bot here.

Astro Bot launches on September 6 on PS5. Astro’s Playroom is available in each PS5.

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