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Asmodee Digital Bringing Digital Tabletop Games To Nintendo Switch


Tabletop gaming, or board games, are a decent way to spend some time with friends. But if you fancy them presented as video games on a game console, then there’s good news.

Announced in the recent Nintendo Direct, Asmodee Digital is bring various tabletop games to the Switch. Five of them has been announced.

The first to come is Carcassonne. It’s a 4 -player game about placing tiles to form a medieval city, and claim them as you go. It will be out in Holiday 2018.

Here’s a look of the game in digital form:

The other four should also be well known in the tabletop gaming circles. 

  • The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game is the digital take on Fantasy Flight’s Lord of the Rings card game
  • Catan, the competitive town builder board game
  • Pandemic, a co-op board game about stopping viral diseases
  • Munchkin, a dungeon crawler card game parodying classic RPG tropes

These four games will arrive on the Switch sometime in 2019.