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AS Roma Partnered With Fnatic To Sign New FIFA e-Sports Team


More football clubs keep on joining e-sports. This time its Italian football club AS Roma making the move. But interestingly, they partnered with the established e-sports organisation Fnatic for this move.

The new FIFA team of AS Roma includes Sam “Poacher” Carmody, Aman “Aman” Seddiqi, and Nicoló “Insa” Mirra with Manager Colin Johnson.

The team will represent Roma in FIFA tournaments, while Fnatic handles all the management and e-sports know-how to help these players play their best.

With the tremendous growth of eSports and continued attention placed on games like FIFA, we’ve partnered with Fnatic, the world’s leading eSports organisation, to launch our eSports team. This joint venture will enable us to start building a strong legacy in eSports and engage our fans in exciting new ways,” said Jim Pallotta, President of AS Roma

We have seen such arrangements of collaboration between sports teams and e-sports organisations. Paris St Germain’s FIFA team is handled by Webedia (and so it their League Of Legends team).

Fnatic is still going strong, though some of the team is on a downhill. Most notably is their current Dota 2 team, which saw Malaysia’s Mushi departing, leaving Ohaiyo as the sole Malaysian in the Southeast Asian team.

Such setbacks are not stopping the UK-based organisation from expanding, and their entry into FIFA, partnering with AS Roma, is a bold move.