Apple Arcade Is A Subscription Service For More Than 100 Games Playable Across All Apple Devices

Google is not the only tech giant eyeing for a piece in the gaming pie. At the Apple March 2019 event today, they have unveiled Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service where you can play more than 100 games across iPhones, iPads, MacOS and Apple TV devices, with progression carried over everywhere. Unlike Stadia, this is not powered by the cloud, so offline gaming is possible.

Instead, Apple Arcade focuses on bringing interesting experiences not seen in mainstream games. Which explains why there’s plenty of indie games on the list, promising looking ones too.

There are a few new games announced exclusively coming to Apple Arcade. The first is Beyond A Steel Sky, the sequel to the cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game Beneath A Steel Sky. Charles Cecil returns as lead designer with comic artist Dave Gibbons reprising his role as lead artist and developed by the same folks at Revolution Software.

Besides that, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is also making a new game called Fantasian where the levels are based on dioramas created in real-life.

There are plenty of other previously announced games coming to Apple Arcade too like Overland, Sayonara Wild Hearts, The Pathless, Oceanhorn 2, The Pathless and Hot Lava.

Apple themselves are not creating games, but are curating the list for Apple Arcade. Apple assist the developers, either monetary wise or technical, to get the games running on their ecosystem.

Apple is not saying how much will the subscription is priced. Apple Arcade is coming over to 150 countries sometime this fall, so around the year-end. That’s a lot of countries and our cursory search shows that info for Apple Arcade is indeed available if you are in Malaysia. So there’s a big chance that the service will rollout to Southeast Asia as well.

Source: Apple


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