Among Us 2 Cancelled As Developers Commit To Support The Original Game With More Content

If Fall Guys was the game of August 2020, September 2020 had Among Us. It’s a social engineering game about ousting out impostors among a space crew, before the impostors kill them all.

Developers Innersloth actually recently announced plans for a sequel, Among Us 2, just 37 days ago. But with explosion of player growth seen this month, that has been canned.

As such, all planned new content that was supposed to go to Among Us 2 will now be added to the current game instead.

However, it’s a big undertaking for the developers. “This is probably the more difficult choice because it means going deep into the core code of the game and reworking several parts of it,” the dev blog reads. The reason to make a sequel was for them to move away from the outdated source code that keep the game running.

Still, it’s probably the best move- you don’t get a 2-year-old game suddenly getting this big so often. So keeping the player base intact should be a priority.

Innersloth has also committed on fixing servers, adding colourblind support, a friends or account system as well as a brand new stage, coming to the game.

Among Us is out now on PC (Steam, as a paid title (RM12.50, $5 USD respectively), and also on mobile (iOS, Android) for free.

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